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Three different negligent driving offences as stated by the Law

  • Negligent driving

  • Negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm

  • Negligent driving occasioning death


Negligent driving refers to an incident wherein you cause an accident. This offence is far less serious than charges such as ‘reckless driving’ and ‘dangerous driving.’ Negligent driving is when you cause an accident while your manner of driving is not as dangerous as the latter two mentioned.

For instance, you can be charged with negligent driving when an accident takes place because you were not paying attention to the road or failed to comply with traffic rules.

Despite being the lesser of three possible driving offences, negligent driving can still present you with harsh penalties, especially in cases wherein your negligence on the road resulted in grievous bodily harm or death.

How to deal with a negligent driving charge

Being charged with such a case can be emotionally stressful and a challenge to deal with.

Fortunately, Executive Legal’s experienced traffic and drug lawyers can help you get the best possible results and offer you the best courses of action to take in light of the offence you are convicted for. We will fiercely fight for you case and serve as an effective legal representation and help you win the case altogether.

A negligent driving charge can be a very stressful burden to carry, especially if your actions caused another person damage, injury, or even death.​

In light of this, the traffic defence lawyers of Executive Legal can help you gain favourable results by representing you legally in the Court of law.

More often than not, road accidents happen due to mistakes and other factors such as the weather or the conditions of the road itself.

Our Traffic Lawyers can help

Our experienced traffic lawyers can help you whether you decide to plead guilty or not guilty.

If you opt to not plead guilty, our lawyers will show the court that the cause of your accident was not you driving, but other factors such as the weather or road conditions instead.

However, if you choose to plead guilty and accept the charges, our traffic lawyers in Sydney can help you get the best and most favourable results by presenting your case in a favourable fashion.

In the many negligent driving cases we’ve handled, our traffic lawyers proved time and time again that their knowledge of traffic law and excellent skills in communication and advocacy can win us a section 10 for clients. This is when no convictions will be recorded and you may continue to drive after paying an agreed amount.

Negligent driving is the offence whereby a person fails to act in a reasonable or prudent manner whereby any rational person would.

There are three main charges of negligent driving:

  • Driving that does not occasion death or grievous bodily harm,

  • Negligent driving that occasions grievous bodily harm

  • Negligent driving causing death.

Although the court may consider other factors. Including traffic conditions, road and weather conditions, the offence of negligent driving is extremely serious and can often result in harsh penalties. Here at Executive Legal, our traffic and drug lawyers can help you get the best possible results and offer you the top courses of action.


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