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What is Drug Driving

The act wherein a person is driving when drugs are present in their system.

Drug driving is different from a DUI charge since the prosecution is not required to prove that you are under the effect of drugs. Having drugs in your system is enough to be charged with drug driving.

A charge such as drug driving can be a stressful factor in one’s life and future endeavours since it impacts your ability to work and drive.

Fortunately, Executive Legal’s team of drug and traffic lawyers in Sydney are armed with the knowledge and experience to help you deal with these charges with the intention of getting your life back on the right track.

Continue reading to discover how the best law firm in Sydney can help you get the most desirable results post-drug driving charge.

Drug Driving Charges

In the event that you are charged with drug driving, it is in your best interest to seek the professional help of the best traffic or drug lawyers in Sydney.

Why? Because a charge such as drug driving is likely to end up on your criminal record if the charge is not handled with expertise. This ultimately impacts your chances for employment and your freedom to travel.

Executive Legal specialises in drug defence and traffic law, we are the help that you need in the face of a charge such as drug driving.

Our professional drug and traffic lawyers will appear in court daily in an effort to ensure that our clients are presented with the best courses of action and possible results in each case.

Defending against Drug Driving Charges

In the event that you wish defend against the charges, Executive Legal’s drug and traffic law team will examine the evidence presented by the prosecution and find loopholes and weak points in their case. A good and usual example of this is when the police conducted a drug test without following the legal process.

If such a weakness or problem is found, our drug defence lawyers will write to the police and explain the findings and ask for the charges to be dropped.

In the event that the prosecution refuses to drop the charges, our experienced team of traffic lawyers will relentlessly pursue all relevant evidence and witnesses to ensure that your case is presented to the court in a favourable light.

However, if you decide to plead guilty, our professional traffic and drug lawyers will prepare convincing statements that put your good character on the spotlight as well as your intentions to admit and do what is necessary and what is best in light of your offence.

With a plan such as this in play by our expert traffic lawyers in Sydney, your chances of getting a desirable outcome in your case are better.

Traffic and drug Lawyers can get you the best outcomes

There are situations wherein our drug and traffic lawyers can help you avoid a conviction by convincing the magistrate to give you a section 10. The latter states that you are found guilty of the offence charged against you but no conviction will be recorded on your criminal record. Furthermore, obtaining a section 10 means that you may continue to drive by simply paying a certain amount.

Once the payment has been made dutifully, you may keep your license and continue driving.



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