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Executive Legal can help eliminate the stress out of selling your property.

Selling a property is undeniably stressful. It can be frustrating to see that your property has not moved in the market whether you are chasing down a deadline for your move or you just want to start a new stage of your life.

The Executive Legal conveyancing and legal team can assist you smoothen out the process. You will have a dedicated team working on the contracts and actively responding to potential buyers. This way you will be able to quickly sell your property with the price you want.

Our conveyancers and property lawyers help take the stress out of the process by:

  • preparing a contract of sale that is compliant with NSW Conveyancing Act and regulations;

  • discussing any conditions that are prudent to include in the contract of sale;

  • advising you as to your responsibilities under the NSW Vendor disclosures (certain promises about the property to the buyers) as non-­disclosure may allow a purchaser to cancel a contract;

  • advising you if you need to include an identification survey, building certificate and home owners warranty insurance certificate;

  • preparing a contract within 48 hours of your instructions*;

  • responding in a timely manner to enquiries from potential purchasers, providing guidance to you and obtaining your instructions;

  • co-ordinating with all parties involved i.e. solicitors, banks, agents, to ensure a smooth transaction from beginning to end;

  • and ensuring we keep you fully informed throughout the whole process.



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