Property Law | Buying a Property or Investment

Buying a property does not have to be stressful, all you need to do is make sure that you have a capable conveyancing team to handle everything from inspections to contracts.

There will be a few major decision that you would make in your life, buying a home is one of them. That is why it is imperative that you know your legal rights. Whether you are simply trying to buy a home, or score an investment unit, Executive Legal can give you all the assistance you need from start to finish.Buying a property can be overwhelming, that is why seeking the assistance of a licensed conveyancer and property lawyer is advisable. The Executive Legal team consists of expert conveyancer and solicitors will make sure that you are properly supported from start to finish of the purchase process.

Our experienced, expert team can make the odds turn in your favour.

Executive Legal conveyancers and solicitors can assist you by:

  • having a dedicated property department that is solely focussed on property transactions;

  • giving you a detailed understanding of the steps in the buying process prior to making an offer or going to auction. This way we minimise the cost and frustration faced by many home buyers and property investors;

  • ensuring that the contract of sale is compliant with the NSW Conveyancing Act and regulations and that the contract is also fair;

  • recommending that you organise for the necessary inspections such as building, pest, strata to avoid costly repairs because you are purchasing the property in its existing condition;

  • coordinating with all parties involved i.e. solicitors, banks, agents, mortgage brokers to ensure a smooth transaction from beginning to end;

  • ensuring we keep you fully informed throughout the whole process;

  • and most importantly, ensuring you get the keys to your property at the end of the day.




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