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Executive Legal’s Clothes for Court initiative

Our firm has always prided itself on its pro-bono and community outreach work and we were established on the principle that justice should be available to all.

During Jahan Kalantar’s first year in practice, a client informed him that he was ashamed that he couldn’t afford decent clothes to wear to appear in front of the judge and that the stress of looking out of place at Court was making his already difficult situation much worse.

It was a moment that stuck with him and lead to the establishment of our Clothes for Court initiative.

Our first Clothes for Court initiative consisted of us purchasing clothing from vendors in all shapes and sizes to help our Clients out. Subsequently, a generous donation by a commercial partner gave us the opportunity to widely expand this initiative and now we can offer any clothes that our Clients require.

If any of our Clients need access to Court attire, then all they need to do is ask and we can organise that for them.

Here at Executive Legal, we are here to help.



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