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What is a Carer Visa

Carer visas are categorized into two different subclasses, the subclass 116 and subclass 836. The only factor that sets these visas apart from each other is whether the applicant is inside or outside Australia during the Carer Visa Application process. The eligibility for the subclass 1 visa requires that the applicant must be outside Australia during the application process and when the visa is granted. On the other hand, the subclass 836 visa requires the applicant to submit the application inside and remain in Australia until the visa is granted.

Carer Visa Application

The Carer Visa Application for both subclass 11 and 836 require a sponsor for the applicant. The sponsor must be the person who needs the applicant’s care or their partner. The applicant must be related to the sponsor who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand Citizen and who is settled in Australia, to be eligible for the Carer Visa Application. A partner, child, parent, brother, sister, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew or step-equivalent of the sponsor is regarded as a relative.

Since 116 and a836 are Permanent Resident visas, visa holders are given the opportunity to live, work and study in Australia in an indefinite period of time. They are also allowed to travel unlimitedly for five years from the date of visa grant and apply for citizenship, when eligible with the help of an Immigration Agent Sydney.

Carer Visa Application Requirements

It is required for the applicants to present a proof that their relative with a long-term medical condition needs their care or their assistance in providing care to a member of their family unit  in order to be eligible for carer visas.

A medical examination and a police check from all countries visited and lived in for 12 months or more are required for the applicants in order to meet the health and character requirements.

A signed Australian Values Statement that confirms the applicant’s adherence to the laws of Australia and respect to the Australian way of life will be required from the applicant. A Registered Immigration Agent can assist you in fulfilling this mandatory document.

For instance, any outstanding debts to the Australian government must be repaid or a schedule for repayment should be negotiated by the applicant prior to the visa grant.



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