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Requirements to be Eligible for Australian Citizenship

Applicants aiming to live permanently in Australia as an Australian require an Australian citizenship for the final step.

If you wish to apply for citizenship, you can do so in a number of ways and there are various options for you. Your eligibility will determine the best way to apply for Australian citizenship.

You may be eligible for Australian citizenship if you are a:

  • Migrant who has obtained permanent resident status;

  • Spouse or partner of an Australian citizen;

  • Child of an Australian citizen or a former Australian citizen;

  • Refugee or humanitarian applicant;

  • Former Australian citizen looking to resume citizenship; or

  • Citizen of New Zealand.

The following requirements must be met in order to be eligible for citizenship:

  • Be a migrant who is a permanent resident;

  • Satisfy the residency requirement;

  • Reside, or continue to reside in Australia; and

  • Be of good character if you are 18 years of age or older.

The Immigration Lawyers Sydney at Executive Legal will assist applicants with the following:

  • Preparation and lodgement of citizenship applications for general eligibility

  • Preparation and lodgement of citizenship applications with Ministerial requests

  • Responding to character requisitions on citizenship applications

  • Citizenship resumption

  • Evidence of Citizenship

Australian Citizenship application process

The application for Australian citizenship can be accomplished in a number of ways wherein the applicant must secure eligibility first. As there are a limited number of ways, becoming an Australian citizen may not be easy. By becoming an Australian Permanent Resident and fulfilling the necessary residency requirements is the most common course to achieve citizenship. In order to qualify for the residency, a permanent resident must have been living in Australia for at least four years and holds a valid Permanent Resident Status a year before the application.

Within the period of four years prior to the application, the Australian Permanent Resident must have not left Australia for 365 days or more. Afar from this, there are other ways an applicant can be qualified such as being born overseas to a former Australian Citizen, arrived under the Commonwealth Child Migration Scheme, lost Australian Citizenship and wants to resume Australian Citizenship, is a child who is a non-Australian Citizen, adopted by an Australian Citizen over 18 yrs old, is a child who was born overseas but has at least 1 Australian Citizen parent, a Refugee and Humanitarian entrant.

As soon as the eligibility is established, the completion and lodgement of the citizenship application will be done next. This process can either be done onshore or offshore since online applications are now considered. Sending a hard copy of the requirements to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Offices in Australia is another option. All necessary documents must be included in the application to avoid any issues or problems with the help of an Immigration Agent in Sydney.

Upon the receipt of your citizenship application, the applicant will be scheduled for an appointment. During the appointment, the applicant will be required to take he Australian Citizenship Test or have a citizenship interview and will be subjected to a series of identity verification.

The Australian Citizenship Test

Every applicant needs to take the Citizenship Test, an examination specifically designed to assess the applicant’s knowledge of Australia, including the responsibilities and privileges of Australian Citizenship. It also measures the English proficiency of the applicant.

The Citizenship Test requires a pass make about 75%. Applicants under the age of 18, or over the age of 60, or incapable of taking the test are exempted.

In any event, that the law of the other country permits a dual citizenship, it will be considered as well. Since April 2002, dual citizenship has already been granted in Australia, although, there are some countries that disallow or do not recognise dual or multiple citizenship. However, people who wanted to become an Australian Citizen earlier than 2002, had to renounce their previous citizenship as per the Immigration Services in Sydney.



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