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Executive Legal’s immigration law department explains migration requirements

Executive Legal’s Immigration Services in Sydney consists of three streams: corporate migration, family migration, judicial and administrative merits review.

corporate migration

The corporate stream has an impressive amount of experience and skill when it comes to dealing with sponsoring business innovation, distinguished talent visas, general skilled migration, investor visas (inclusive of significant other visas), and overseas employees. It is manages to retain clients ranging from start up businesses to well-established industry leaders in areas such as consultancy, engineering, hospitality, and IT.

Family Migration

Meanwhile, the family stream is accustomed to high quality spouse/partner applications, child visas, carer visas, remaining relative and parent visas together with submissions on “no further stay” waiver conditions.

Judicial and Administrative Merits Review

Finally, the review stream focuses on high-quality forensic reviews of clients’ immigration history and provides detailed and comprehensive submissions to the Ministerial Intervention Unit. Our Immigration agent sydney also conducts a very active merits review practice before the Migration and Refugee Division and Administrative Appeals Tribunal and works with the best barristers in the area of Judicial Review. In addition, the review team helps clients with citizenship applications, particularly for those who may have character concerns to overcome. Resident Return Visas is also something Executive Legal can help clients with.

Please be advised that Executive Legal does not assist with primary student visa applications.

Judicial and Administrative Merits Review

Our Immigration Law Firm in Sydney specialise in taking care of relatively straightforward visa applications and dealing with complicated applications that require detailed arguments and submissions, such as the waiving of either health or character criteria. Executive Legal is also very adept in preparing reviews for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, as well as lodging submissions for Ministerial Intervention Requests. In light of our impressive range of immigration services we are regarded as one of the best immigration law firms in Australia.

Our team of immigration lawyers specialise in the following areas of law:

  • Ministerial Intervention

  • Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal

  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal

  • Long-term overstayers

  • Visa cancellations

  • Health problems

  • Character problems

  • Waiver of ‘no further stay’ condition

  • Marriage/de facto/fiancés visas

  • Interdependent partners visas

  • Employer Nomination Scheme / Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

  • General Skilled Migration

  • Aged dependent relative/remaining relative/careers

  • Sponsoring a temporary overseas employee

  • Independent migration/family or state or territory sponsored migration

  • Business owner/established business/investment linked migration

  • Parents/aged parents/contributory parents

  • Former resident/distinguished talent/close ties with Australia

  • Unlawful spouse/partner applications

  • Partner visa specialist



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