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Criminal Lawyers explain drug manufacturing penalties

A drug manufacture charge entails that you have allegedly been caught preparing, producing, processing, packaging or labelling an illegal substance. The common penalties for the offence of drug manufacturing are:

  • a section 10: whereby the charges are dismissed and there is no conviction recorded

  • a fine: the maximum penalty being $5,500 for a small quantity

  • good behaviour bond

  • community service order

  • suspended sentence

  • periodic detention

  • home detention

  • prison sentence: the maximum sentence for a small quantity is 2 years (if sentenced in the local court), or 15 years (if sentenced in the district court)

If you are charged with the manufacturing of drugs, you are bound to have a tough time. It would be in your best interest to have a great law firm such as ours by your side to fight these charges in the hopes of retaining a bright future for you and your family.

With the help of our drug criminal defence lawyers in Sydney, you stand a fighting chance of clearing your name and walking away from the charge scoff-free. No matter how serious the charges may be, if you decide to seek our expert legal assistance, you can rest assured that we will be fighting fiercely for your freedom, or at least a lighter sentence.



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