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Criminal Lawyers in Sydney on deemed supply

The charge of deemed supply entails that you have allegedly been caught in the possession of illicit substance(s) in an amount greater than the trafficable quantity outlined in Schedule 1 of the Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act 1985.

What is Deemed Supply

Although you may not have the intention to supply the drugs, if you have been charged with deemed supply, you are ‘deemed’ to be in possession of the drugs for the ‘purposes’ of supply. This is unless you are able to prove that the quantity of the drugs were for personal use. In this circumstance, the onus is on the Defendant to disprove supply on the balance of probability.

Such a charge against you can be a troublesome situation to be in, for both you and your loved ones and most of all difficult to disprove the Police allegations on your own.

The implications and stresses brought upon by such a conviction can be avoided with the right criminal defence lawyer by your side. Whether you decide to plead guilty or not, our law firm in Sydney can lighten your sentence or push for the charge’s withdrawal altogether.


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